Alvaria Virtual Employee Assistant (VEA)


Alvaria VEA is a revolutionary solution that redefines the employee experience. Say goodbye to the days of navigating legacy apps and complex forms for schedule-related tasks and welcome the ease of Alvaria VEA—a seamless, conversational experience for all scheduling needs. Integrated with Alvaria Workforce™, this powerful solution provides real-time updates on vacation balances and available shifts, allowing employees to effortlessly request time off regardless of their location. Elevate your employee experience with Alvaria VEA, ensuring seamless and consistent support whenever and wherever your workforce needs it.


  • Real-time updates on vacation balances and shift availability, ensuring employees are always informed
  • Effortless time off requests, enhancing employee flexibility, and promoting greater work-life balance
  • User-friendly approach with a conversational interface to improve the overall employee experience while fostering quick adoption
  • Consistent 24/7 support for employees to access assistance wherever and whenever needed, regardless of location or time zone