Zapier Integration for Analytics Studio
Liveperson IMP


Harness the power of LivePerson's superior transcription and conversation analytics with the vast ecosystem of Zapier's apps. Our seamless integration empowers you to bridge your conversation data directly with over 5,000+ applications on Zapier. Whether you're aiming to enhance CRM entries, optimize marketing efforts, or streamline customer support processes, this integration ensures your conversation data is always where you need it to be.


  • Easily send voice conversations from your favorite apps to LivePerson's Analytics Studio for analysis.
  • Send transcription and analytics data to any of your favorite CRMs, storage locations, or other Zapier supported apps.


  • Integrate with any of Zapier's 5,000+ supported apps.
  • Quickly build and deploy a workflow in just a few hours.
  • Code-free alternative for integration to and from LivePerson's Analytics Studio.