Payment Card Redaction Twilio Add-on
Liveperson IMP


Cleanse call recordings of sensitive PCI data using a combination of highly accurate speech to text, phrase detection and redaction, in order to increase the value of Twilio-recorded content. Now businesses can query a database full of rich customer insights to leverage when making business decisions. LivePerson's (previously VoiceBase) proprietary algorithms, optimized for call-center audio, scan calls for credit card PAN and SAD data. Scrubbed recordings with credit card mentions replaced with flat tones are returned or return the start and stop times (time stamps) of all credit card data mentions for client-side redaction.


  • Targeted Redaction: High Accuracy, Low Collateral Damage.
  • One Click Integration with Twilio: Redacted Audio, Transcripts, and Keywords through Twilio's Add-on Catalog.


  • Enhanced Security: Ensure compliance with data protection regulations.
  • Streamlined Workflow: Eliminates the need for manual redaction, allowing agents to focus on calls and quality.
  • Customer Trust: Protecting customers' information to build trust and confidence.