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Tech Mahindra is focused on leveraging next-generation technologies including 5G, Metaverse, Blockchain, Quantum Computing, Cybersecurity, AI, and more, to enable end-to-end digital transformation for global customers. It is the only Indian company in the world to receive the HRH The Prince of Wales’ Terra Carta Seal for its commitment to creating a sustainable future. It is the fastest growing brand globally in ‘brand value rank’ and among the top 7 IT brands globally in brand strength with AA+ rating. With its NXT.NOWTM framework, Tech Mahindra aims to enhance ‘Human Centric Experience’ for its ecosystem and drive disruption with synergies arising from a robust portfolio of companies. It aims to deliver tomorrow’s experiences today and believes in the ‘Future is Now’.


One of the most crucial factors in every company's growth is the customer experience. Tech Mahindra's NXT Gen solutions offer an advanced Support Ecosystem that delights customers seamlessly at every interaction and helps businesses to expand. Let’s look at the industry standards to understand how our solutions exceed them. - Seamless customer experience - Automation - Analytics - Digital Marketing - Core Ops - Smart Ops - AI and Data Sciences

Explore TechM’s digital and Nxt Gen Service Desk that accelerates digital business transformation and provides end users with highly personalized, proactive and intuitive services. Our existing customers have already witnessed numerous benefits with us. Their end users are delighted with the sophisticated services that resolve faster, are more efficient and available on any device across the world. We swear by our service desks of the future. - Up to 40% reduction in operating costs - Automation of 50% Service Catalog items - Digital service desk solution serving 5+ Million contacts - Service Desk Consolidation with 15+ global centres - Multilingual support in 20+ languages - Outcome-based pricing models

Forward-thinking organizations have realized that to facilitate and intelligently consume the blizzard of data being generated by smart devices, they require advanced and ground-breaking methods. With a myriad of technologies and tools available today, the exercise of what to choose becomes challenging for organizations. Tech Mahindra BPS business analytics consulting solutions offer: - Democratization of data and data recovery - Focus on Improved cultivating Intricate Analytics - Faster Insights, Faster Go-to-Market, Faster Outcomes - Next-Gen Unified Digital Platforms, Big Data, hybrid architectures, IoT, Cloud-based Options - New data sources, unstructured, structured, visual, voice

Tech Mahindra Business Process Services provides Next Gen Digital CX & Back Office services across multiple industries including Communication, Media & Entertainment, Retail & CPG, Healthcare & Life Science, Banking & Financial Services, Transport, Hospitality & Logistics and Manufacturing & Utilities. Our business process services are based on Next Gen AAC Model I.e. Analytics, Automation and Consulting delivered through a highly skilled multilingual Human Digital Workforce.

Tech Mahindra helps enterprises accelerate their digital transformation with our comprehensive suite of offerings that covers the entire IT infrastructure stack. With our platform-enabled solutions powered by AI and Automation, we help enterprises accelerate their journey to a digital future. Our focus is on helping organizations develop a future-ready infrastructure aligned to their core business needs.

We provide Core Data Management, Data Modernization and Value realization across industries.

Tech Mahindra’s CX offerings provide unprecedented advantages to clients in bringing profound customer insights, technology enablers, and operations capabilities to help transform & partner in their pursuit to embrace Digital disruption. We offer an improved connected experience across the customer lifecycle with an interplay of digital strategies across multiple channels.

We have a technology that is pervasive in nature. This can be infused into and transform your business model, the processes that define it, the applications that deliver it, and the infrastructure that supports it. AI Spectrum with Tech Mahindra – Zero to Infinity - For an insurance claims company, AI improved data accuracy by 90% and reduced 60% human effort. - Masked face detection in place to augment security in ATMs – analyses behaviour and triggers an alarm. - AI legal assistant peruses legal docs to reduce turnaround from days to mere seconds with accuracy. - A leading US Telecom enabled AI/ML to optimise prices and discounts and better serve its customers. - AI helps prevent truck rolls by reading traffic ticket data and assisting driverless trucks. - AI helps patients estimate hospital bills at the time of admission based on medical history.

We are the Business Excellence team, Tech Mahindra’s consulting unit. We help clients achieve business objectives in the digital era We work with clients to develop and implement digital transformation strategies that impact their products and business models We help our clients transform their operations and processes in line with this strategy We also help them build a key enabler for achieving these objectives: agility and automation in the technology function Our program and change management services ensure on-track implementation of the various transformation initiatives All of these services are underpinned by proven methodologies, frameworks and tools. These are based on design thinking approaches that ensure stakeholder buy-in at each stage. Our clients find our global experience, collaborative approach, and the ownership we bring to ensure outcomes in every one of our engagements, as a key differentiator.

Smart Ops in Contact Centers is breaking barriers between customer service disciplines while providing seamless transition to digital contact center channels, accelerating time to market, enhancing customer experience and improving quality. Smart Ops is focused on the following goals: - Accelerate time to market with customer feedback - Reduce TCO by replacing COTS with open-source software - Create differentiated solutions/assets/IC across various industries - Expand offerings to mobile applications, and on cloud - Develop niche offerings e.g. performance engineering and service virtualization assets - Establish a culture of collaboration, breaking down traditional silos and common measures of success

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