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Contentsquare moves beyond traditional analytics to enable an unprecedented understanding of the customer experience that transforms your business. With intuitive technology that reveals the behavior, intent and feelings of any and every user, we allow businesses to deliver more human experiences quickly, while ensuring privacy and accessibility. This results in faster growth, greater agility and happier customers. We power the new digital experience, made more human.



Pinpoint opportunities and issues at a glance. Visualize your customer journeys page by page and quickly identify anomalies.

Visualize metrics for each page element. See the performance of each page element in an instant with Zone-based Heatmaps.

Stop losing conversions where it matters the most. Users abandoning registration or checkout cause a direct loss of revenue.

Collect up to 100% of traffic to ensure you don’t miss valuable insights about your digital experience. Immediate insights show you where users struggle so you can fix issues on your site—fast and at scale.


What is Digital Experience Analytics?

What is Digital Experience Analytics?

Meet the new breed of analytics that makes the digital world more human. Digital experience analytics (AKA DXA) helps your business increase engagement, conversions, and gain unique behavioral insights into your customer's entire digital journey.

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