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Hikarinooka 3-4, YRP Center 5F
Yokosuka City, 239-0847 Japan
Phone: (917) 757-6424
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CBA (Communication Business Avenue, Inc) is a software developer and worldwide systems integrator, innovating communication solutions since 2006. For more than 17 years, CBA has been providing Omnichannel Communication Solutions to help brands deliver excellent customer satisfaction. We are a professional concierge for business integration. This means that we are always one step ahead to provide the best service, leading to long-term satisfaction, loyalty, and business growth. We develop and partner with brands that help our customers increase their growth and innovate their customer communications. Focusing on the most advanced technologies including, AI, VR and much more. Our Vision is to be hospitable everywhere at all times.


Powered by LivePerson, Live Assist for Microsoft Dynamics 365 (LAD365) was co-developed with Microsoft ensuring tight and seamless integration with the Dynamics 365 CRM platform. Your customers don’t have to download or setup anything. LAD365 works directly from your website or app. This makes LAD365 a fast and reliable solution to communicate and provide great support to your customers without having to leave your website or app. LAD365 integrates into any Dynamics CIF app and provides a single pane of glass experience between Dynamics and LivePerson. Connected to LivePerson's Conversation Cloud provides the ability to create Bots, Intents, manage campaigns and more. You also can utilize LivePersons Generative AI tools such as Bella AI, AI Bots and, Voice AI as well.


LAD365 Demo

LAD365 Demo

Live Assist for Microsoft Dynamics 365 powered by LivePerson is the omnichannel solution that provides your customers the customer service and support they deserve. Communicate and support your customers directly from your website or app with no client setup.

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