B4Group (Gruppo B4)

Via Mecenate 76/36
Milano, 20138 Italy
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Who we are? We are a digital enabler company that helps businesses digitize, automate, optimize, and make their processes predictive. How we do it? We use innovative Hyperautomation technologies to help businesses transform digitally and embrace Industry 4.0. What is Hyperautomation? Gartner, a leading research and advisory firm, defines Hyperautomation as a combination of technologies and methodologies that can automate any business process, regardless of its complexity or level of structure. It is considered one of the most important emerging technological trends. LivePerson's suite, on which we have a strong expertise, is one of most important Hyperautomation technologies as enable digitazion and automatization of all Customer Engagement Interactions channels.


Digital eXperience is an essential element for competing in the market and increasing brand loyalty, but companies do not always figure out how to implement it successfully and quickly. Therefore, to facilitate and accelerate its implementation, we have developed a wide range of technology solutions and products to quickly meet any of your company’s needs… put us to the test!

Hyperautomation allows us to digitize, automate and turn into predictive any business process, reducing entropy and increasing its value. With our methodology and innovative hyperautomation technologies, we can successfully address and solve, in a short time, any need in your business area… Challenge us!

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