With the Contentsquare integration, uncover the impact that your Live Chat sessions have on your conversion rates, revenue, engagement, and other KPIs. Create segments in Contentsquare to understand who is engaging with your Live Chat and why—reveal how Live Chat influences their behavior or journeys and uncover the best timing and placement for Live Chat intercepts. Further, leverage Contentsquare Session Replay to understand what behaviors led up to your user engaging with your live chat and uncover why they're seeking assistance. Before following up with a customer's request, get the full context behind their requests without having to request your customer send screenshots or copy and paste error messages.


  • Save time and eliminate the need to ask your customers for a play by play of their issue or less-than-ideal experience.
  • Quantify the impact that live chat interactions have on your conversion rates and online revenue.
  • Understand what content, digital behaviors, and issues lead to more support requests than others.
  • Automate support workflows to trigger Chat intercepts at the exact moment your customer experiences frustration.