Afiniti AI Pairing


Afiniti is a leading provider of artificial intelligence that improves customer experience — making moments of human connection more valuable. Afiniti's patented technology pairs customers and contact center agents based on historical patterns of success, leading to better experiences across the entire customer journey. Its technology is used globally in telecommunications, banking, insurance, healthcare, and travel. Afiniti has over 500 patents and has optimized more than 1.1 billion interactions to date.


  • Scalable personalization via AI-powered pairing of customers with agents
  • Optimizes outcomes customized to real business objectives (e.g., CLV)
  • Meets operational constraints (e.g., agent idle time, customer wait time)
  • Continuous benchmarking for precise measurement of AI impact
  • Automated workforce optimization
  • Data-driven insights
  • Multichannel support


  • Happier customers, happier agents
  • Improved sales and upselling
  • Increased customer lifetime value and brand loyalty
  • Reduced agent churn
  • Increased efficiency
  • Managed service: no cost for the client to install and run